Facial veins treatment in Cairns

Many people suffer embarrassment from prominent veins and red marks on the face. These blemishes, which are often called ‘broken capillaries’ are really just enlarged blood vessels close to the surface. They occur in both women and men and can be very distressing because they are difficult to mask.

Outcomes & Expectations

With most forms of laser treatment, the veins can disappear almost immediately. You will have some redness that can last for an hour or so then fade. The following day, the redness may return and the veins appear to come back. They haven’t, they’ve just become inflamed and will then fade over the next week or so.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes these marks?

They have a wide range of causes. Physical injury to skin such as sun damage, cold exposure and irradiation are known factors. Hormonal changes and cortisone treatments can aggravate them. Genetic tendencies and some diseases such as Rosacea and Lupus can also contribute to their development.

What can be done about them?

Lasers and advanced light systems can safely target the blood vessels that cause these blemishes, leaving the surrounding tissues intact. Choosing the right laser treatment is an important factor in getting the best result. These treatments are quick and well tolerated. There is no bruising or bleeding. If necessary, make-up can be worn immediately and you can return to work the same day, if you wish.

How many treatments are needed?

Every person needs to be individually assessed, however the lasers used at Cairns Skin Centre are excellent at targeting specific blood vessels, and so most of the time only one or two treatments are needed – although for some more severe conditions more sessions may be required.

Treat unsightly facial veins at Cairns Skin Centre