Leg Vein Treatments for Cairns & Port Douglas

Venous diseases and disorders can have a negative impact on your health and appearance. Unsightly leg veins affect women and men of all ages. Fortunately, they can be easily and non-surgically treated by our experienced physician, Dr Alex Lapenga. There’s no need for hospital admission or general anaesthetic and, even in the most severe cases, you can be back on their feet in a day or two.

Legs can be affected by abnormal veins, ranging from spider to varicose veins. Not only do they spoil the looks of your legs, but they can also cause aching and swelling. Fortunately, they can now be easily treated in most cases.

Our clinic offers a wide range of leg vein treatments residents in the Cairns region – including Port Douglas. The most important thing about getting the right treatment is to get a proper medical assessment first so, at your initial appointment, you will be seen by a doctor with experience and expertise in the area of leg veins. Your assessment process will usually involve an ultrasound scan, although sometimes a more detailed examination will be needed.



Sclerotherapy is commonly used to treat surface damage. It involves injecting a small amount of ‘sclerosing solution’ into the affected part of your leg using a very small, fine needle. This treatment is well tolerated and most patients can go back to work the same day.

The success rate for sclerotherapy can be as high as 90%.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are varicose veins?

Veins are vessels that carry blood back to your heart from the tissues of the body. However, varicose veins are abnormally dilated and so unable to perform at 100 per cent capacity. They are larger than normal, bulge above the skin surface and are commonly associated with larger and deeper vein problems. If there is a deeper problem it can be detected at your initial examination with one of our doctors.

Why do we get varicose veins?

The underlying problem appears to be damage to the vein’s valves. Gravity pulls blood down and, to counteract this, the body has developed a way to prevent blood from remaining in the lower limbs using circulation and the valves within the leg veins which only open in one direction – upwards.

When your calf muscles contract, it sends the blood even higher until it eventually reaches the heart.

Varicose veins occur when the valves stop working and cannot stop the blood from rushing back down. The blood pools in the legs, which leads to higher pressure in the branches near the skin. These branches bulge and varicose veins occur.

Is it safe to treat?

Although dilated blood vessels do carry some blood, they are not very efficient and most often are not necessary to the circulatory system. The body already has an established alternative route for the blood to travel back more efficiently to the heart, and so varicose veins can therefore be treated without damaging your circulation – and in some cases actually improving the circulation.

Cairns Skin Centre offers leg vein treatments to locals in Cairns and Port Douglas. Call us on (07) 4032 6788 today to book a consultation.

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