Skin cancer treatment without surgery

Skin cancer is common in Australia, especially in Queensland. And Consultant Dermatologist Dr Simon Tucker, from Cairns Skin Centre, says that while Mackay is known to have the highest incidence of skin cancer amongst white males in the whole world, Cairns is not far behind…

“Fortunately most of these are not life threatening at all but, if ignored, may become sizeable and need invasive treatment that can mean surgery, often on the face, and nearly always leaving scars,” said Dr Tucker.

“Importantly though, if caught early there are non-surgical treatment options available, such as creams, which can work perfectly well and leave little or sometimes even no scarring at all.

“The key, as ever, is early and correct diagnosis. A regular skin cancer check with a properly qualified professional should mean problems are picked up early while the option for non-surgical treatment still exists,” said Dr Tucker.

Dermatologists, like Dr Simon Tucker, are professionally trained and examined at the highest level in the diagnosis and management of skin cancer and skin checks.

Dr Tucker says: “In fact most dermatologists in Australia do this many times every day of their working lives.

“There are a variety of non-surgical options available to treat early skin cancers, all of which can be discussed at length to decide which might be right for you. Successful treatment with minimal scarring is always the goal.”

Make an appointment with Consultant Dermatologist Dr Simon Tucker today and get peace of mind for yourself and your family with a regular full skin check.

Skin cancer treatment without surgery

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