SHORT STORY: “It must be the pressure of organising this wedding…and those acne scars certainly aren’t helping…”

I had acne as a teenager. Back in the day. Didn’t we all?

It wasn’t bad – not like some of the others at my school – but it was definitely enough to make me want to hide, crying, in the girls room during lunch hour if someone so much as looked at me the wrong way.

Then again, perhaps the crying was just my hormones peaking and crashing like a rollercoaster at a theme park.

But they left marks. Pock marks. Marks that I look at, even today, and cringe as I recall the pain of teenage years.

And they’re not easy to cover up. After all, makeup is great to cover up the occasional blemish or spot but useless for acne scars.

Perhaps it’s just because my wedding’s coming up in a month. Can you blame me that I’d want to look my best? I’ll have cameras in my face! Photos of me and my handsome husband that I’ll want to print out and put on the wall for years.

Do I want my friends and family coming to visit, looking up at the picture and thinking: “Doesn’t she look gorgeous! It’s just a shame about those acne scars. If only she’d been able to do something about that, too, she’d look perfect. The glowing bride with the pock mark on her cheek.”

Stop it! You’re overthinking things as always. Relax. It’s not so bad.

“Oooooh!”, I vent at the bathroom mirror in frustration. It’s obviously getting to me more than I’d realised. It must be the pressure of organising this wedding – the flowers, the bridesmaids, the dress, the cake.

And those acne scars certainly aren’t helping the situation.

But what can be done? It’s not like I can wave a wand and watch them disappear. I would’ve done that years ago if it was possible.

Is there ever a simple answer?

Infini Treatment in Cairns

Infini treatment at Cairns Skin Centre has been clinically proven to increase collagen production in the skin. Helping to reduce wrinkles and resurface your skin for a smoother more refined you.

Infini is safe and effective for all skin types and, depending on your procedure, recovery can be as short as a single day.

Return years and youth to your face with technology that will make your skin feel lifted and blemish free.

Call Cairns Skin Centre on (07) 4032 6762 to make an appointment with Cosmetic Nurse Terry Hall, and feel better in your skin.

SHORT STORY: “It must be the pressure of organising this wedding…and those acne scars certainly aren’t helping…”

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