Lips like Goldilocks: ‘just right’

Goldilocks is famous for choosing between “too hot, too cold and just right”. But the saying goes for your lips, as well – they could be too small and thin, or “just right”, says Cosmetic Nurse Terry Hall from the Cairns Skin Centre.

Terry is known by local doctors as the Lip Queen of Cairns, and has been performing lip enhancements and other cosmetic procedures in Cairns for many years. Now, she’s based at the new Cairns Skin Centre on Pease Street – a practice that prides itself on the expertise and experience of its medical professionals.

“Performing enhancements correctly is a real mix of science and art” she said.

“It’s all about proportion – plumping up your lips in a way that looks natural, and keeps your face beautifully balanced.”

Terry explained what happens at an appointment.

“The procedure takes around half-an-hour of gentle, but strategic, injecting of the dermal filler into different parts of your lips and the surrounding lip areas. It adds volume, enhances the size, or tweaks the shape to your liking,” she said.

“The result is a natural accentuation of one of your face’s sexiest features – your lips – in as subtle or as bold a way as you want.

And, while it’s not permanent, the effect certainly lasts for several months.”

Some of the ways she can enhance your lips include:

  • Improving border definition;
  • Adding volume and contour
  • Defining your ‘Cupid’s Bow’ (the top edge);
  • Reducing lines.

“At your appointment we can discuss exactly what look you want to achieve, and how we can enhance your lips to be fuller, more youthful and more defined,” said Terry.

Make an appointment to make your lips look “just right” with the Lip Queen of Cairns, Terry Hall, at Cairns Skin Centre by calling (07) 4032 6762.

Lips like Goldilocks: ‘just right’

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