‘Lip Queen of Cairns’ makes anti-wrinkle techniques look natural

Without a doubt, some of the most universal signs of ageing skin are lines and wrinkles. How many times have you glanced in a mirror only to see a line that surely wasn’t there just the other day?

Fortunately, Cosmetic Nurse Terry Hall from the new Cairns Skin Centre on Pease Street says there are safe, cost-effective, long-lasting treatments that really do work.

“Different lines and wrinkles have different causes and that means that they also need different treatments,” said Terry.

“Anti-wrinkle treatments for lines on the forehead and crowsfeet have been used for decades so have a well tested, proven track record – they’re the most commonly treated cosmetic problems around the world.

“But as time progresses, sometimes more rapidly than it should, our face starts to lose its underlying support, and with this comes an assortment of lines and wrinkles – especially around the mouth and the cheeks.

“Restoring these supporting tissues is one of the most important and effective ways of re-establishing the youthful contours of the face.”

Terry is a registered nurse with decades of expertise and experience treating lines and wrinkles. She is recognised as one of Queensland’s most respected cosmetic injectors – providing anti-wrinkle, dermal filler and rejuvenation treatments – and has been referred to by local doctors as “The Lip Queen of Cairns” and the “Cheek Champion”.

Now based at the new Cairns Skin Centre, Terry joins a team of well-known medical professionals including Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon Dr Nita Ling, Consultant Dermatologist Dr Simon Tucker, Varicose Vein Doctor Paul Davis, and a number of Cosmetic & Skin Cancer Doctors. With all of these professionals based at Cairns Skin Centre, you’re given more options to personalise your treatment.

Terry says: “The treatments are designed to give you a natural look, not an artificial one.

“And it’s not just a matter of looking good,” she said, “it’s about feeling good too. There’s plenty of clinical evidence that shows that looking better will make you feel better.”

Terry uses the latest facial volume restoring technology and gets some spectacular results.

“Different areas of the face require different types of fillers,” she said.

“So it’s important to be treated by someone with expertise and experience, who has access to a range of fillers and understands which ones will give you the best, most natural result.

“The only line on your face should be your smile,” said Terry.

‘Lip Queen of Cairns’ makes anti-wrinkle techniques look natural

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