Leg veins treated without surgery

Say goodbye to surgery! A Cairns doctor says the old method of stripping varicose veins is rapidly being replaced by non-surgical techniques.

Dr Uri Scelwyn from the new Cairns Skin Centre on Pease Street says legs can be affected by abnormal veins ranging from ‘spider veins’ right through to varicose veins.

“Not only can they spoil the looks of your legs, but they can also cause aching and swelling,” he said.

“Fortunately, these problem veins can be easily and effectively treated in most cases.”

Dr Scelwyn has been treating veins for many years and says Cairns Skin Centre offers treatment for all types of leg veins including severe varicose veins.

Doctors at the centre use a combination of laser, ultrasound-guided treatment and injections to deal with just about every type of vein problem.

“While many people have easily treated spider veins, even surface veins are sometimes being fed by deeper problem veins. These need to be dealt with first in order to ensure successful treatment of the visible veins,” said Dr Scelwyn.

“We have a diagnostic ultrasound machine that enables us to make an accurate assessment and therefore plan the best treatment.”

Dr Scelwyn says spider and surface veins are simply and effectively treated, usually by a process called ‘sclerotherpay’, which involves injecting a small amount of solution into the veins that makes them shrivel and disappear.

“More complex veins are also easily treated,” he said. “Patients come to our Leg Vein Clinic and then, with just local anaesthetic, have the simple procedure performed.

“The great thing about it is that there is no need for hospitalisation, general anaesthetic, or even much down time. The procedure is performed at our clinic and as soon as it ends – which is generally around an hour – the patients are up and walking about.

“The success rate is great,” he added, “with only 1% recurrence after five years, compared with surgical treatments that can have recurrence rates of up to 40%.”

The team at Cairns Skin Centre includes Dr Paul Davis, who grew up on the Atherton Tablelands.

“Dr Davis specialises particularly in treating the larger veins.”, said Dr Scelwyn. “This includes a technique called ‘Endovascular Laser Ablation’ – a method that allows us to treat large varicose veins without surgery,” said Dr Scelwyn.

“It is a quick, comfortable treatment and, unlike surgery, can allow the patient to return to work the next day if they wish,” he said.

Call 4032 6788 today to arrange your assessment. Don’t hide your legs away any longer and get rid of the aching today.

Leg veins treated without surgery

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