A simple solution to melasma on your face


MELASMA: It’s called ‘the mask of pregnancy’, and many people who have it feel very self-conscious about it. The condition is a tan or dark skin discoloration usually experienced by women – especially pregnant women, those taking certain contraceptives or hormones and women with darker skin tones

While it has often been a hard condition to treat, Cosmetic Nurse Terry Hall from Cairns Skin Centre says she’s pleased to introduce a new treatment to melasma sufferers in Far North Queensland.

“The Cosmelan Pigmentation Peel is the number-one skin brightening treatment worldwide,” she said.

“It’s safe, easy and can be used on any skin colour – everyone I’ve treated with it has seen spectacular results.”

Terry has been working as a cosmetic nurse for nearly a decade and says that, with this peel treatment, you’ll see a massive reduction in the blotchy pigmentation markings within the first week.

“One of my recent patients has a darker skin type, and came in to Cairns Skin Centre with widespread pigmentation from melasma – caused, as is most cases, from pregnancy.

“One week later she says her skin felt firmer, her pore size had reduced, and she had around a 70 per cent reduction in the pigmentation. She was very happy. Big smiles all around!”

“The simplest, easiest solution to melasma I’ve seen”

Terry says the whole Cosmelan Pigmentation Peel treatment plan for your melasma will take around three months.

“In your first consultation, the peel is applied and you’ll return home with it on – leaving it on for between eight and twelve hours depending on your skin colour.

“You wash it off then apply the second part of the peel yourself at home.

“We’ll have three-or-four follow up appointments over the next few months to make sure you’re on track, then follow it up with a pigment blocker, some Vitamin C and Retinol.

“It’s the simplest, easiest solution to melasma I’ve seen in all my years as a cosmetic nurse.”

Book your FREE consultation with Terry today to discuss if the Cosmelan Pigmentation Peel is right for you, by calling (07) 4032 6762.

A simple solution to melasma on your face

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