25% Off Prowave Hair Removal Treatments If You Book During May!

No more waxing or shaving! Now’s the chance you’ve been waiting for to get rid of that unwanted hair once and for all!

We’re pleased to introduce the newest addition to the Cairns Skin Centre team, Cosmetic Nurse Nikia Anderson. And, to celebrate, we’re offering you 25% off the price of a Prowave Hair Removal Treatment if you book during May.

Prowave is a cutting-edge hair removal technique that uses an intense pulse of light to target unwanted hair on your body. It’s a safe, fast and comfortable way for you to get rid of unwanted hair on your body – whether from your face, legs, arms, underarms or back. It’s even great for more sensitive areas on your body such as around the chest, nipples and bikini line.

What Does Prowave Hair Removal Treatment Feel Like?

Many people compare the feeling to an elastic band snapping against your skin, so no anaesthetic or pain medication is usually needed. That being said, if we are treating a more sensitive area of your body, we will use a topical anaesthetic to make you more comfortable.

Straight after the Prowave Hair Removal Treatment, the treated area might be a little bit red and swollen – similar to sunburn. This effect might last for several hours or less. In rare cases, blistering might occur, but this is not common. We would suggest talking to our Cosmetic Nurse Nikia Anderson to find out more information on any possible risks.

Can Prowave Hair Removal Be Used On All Skin Types?

No. This particular type of Hair Removal Treatment can only be used on people with fair skin because it heats up the melanin (pigment) in the hair follicle. If you have darker skin, we would suggest you make an appointment with us for Laser Hair Removal, instead. To find out which technique would work best for your skin type, we offer a complementary consultation with Cosmetic Nurse Nikia Anderson to discuss the options.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Most people need between three and six Prowave Hair Removal Treatments to completely remove the unwanted hair – it depends on a number of factors such as how thick your hair is, the area that is being treated, and your hair’s growth cycle.

Also, each individual hair follicle grows at a different rate and goes through three very distinct phases: growth, regression and resting. Prowave Hair Removal targets the hair follicle in its active growth phase. So, since each individual hair starts the active growth phase at different times, you will likely need several treatments.

Also, several days after your treatment, it may look like the treated hair is re-growing. In actual fact, these hairs aren’t growing, but are actually being shed by your body as a result of the Prowave Hair Removal Treatment. It’s important that you don’t wax or pluck these hairs between treatments but, if you really want to ‘remove’ them, shave the area.

How Much Does Prowave Hair Removal Treatment Cost?

Underarms: WAS $149 per treatment. NOW $111.75 per treatment.

Brazilian: WAS $199 per treatment. NOW $149.25 per treatment.

Full Legs or Arms: WAS $399 per treatment. NOW $299.25 per treatment.

How Can I Get 25% Off My Prowave Hair Removal Treatment?

To make an appointment with our Cosmetic Nurse Nikia Anderson, contact our friendly reception team on (07) 4032 6762. Appointments are limited and must be made before the end of May 2016.


25% Off Prowave Hair Removal Treatments If You Book During May!

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